Composing activities

Author of about two hundred pieces of music in various genres. Among them:
  • the oratorio "The Hawk’s Autumn outcri" for soloists, chorus and organ (Brodsky),
  • five "Sapgir symphony for soloists and chorus a cappella (G. Sapgir),
  • concertos for bass with the choir, soprano and chorus, a baritone with the chorus to the verses G. Sapgir,
  • "Passion Ovseyu" for tenor and chorus (G. Sapgir, O. Dreze),
  • Concerto for Choir "Songs Pinezhye" (the word folk),
  • cantata "In the garden of days" for female choir (A. Akhmatova),
  • "Lubok" for male chorus (texts of Russian folk tales),
  • "The sun rises over the land" for male chorus and orchestra (A. Prokofiev, N. Khazri, O. Vacietis, M. Tank, G. Tabidze),
  • choral cycle "The Seasons" (F. Tiutchev, A. Block, S. Yesenin),
  • «The lyrical fragments» (E. Mezhelaytis),
  • "Portraits of the masters" ("In honor of Gustav Ernesaks", "Viva Vladislav Sokolov", " Saluto Goffredo Petrassi", «Balasanyan-Sonata"),
  • six choruses on poems E. Baratynsky,
  • "Spring after the summer" (N. Ladygin),
  • vocal cycle motorcade Orpheus" for tenor and harp (G. Apollinaire),
  • "Little Songs for completely pain-Shih Children" (I. Zagraevskaya),
  • "Five Songs" for voice and piano (Brodsky),
  • pro ¬ extermination for solo voice (A. Pushkin, A. Delvig, A, ring),
  • chamber instrumental compositions, including Quintet for winds, "Antique Suite" for flute and harp,
  • "Three Russian Songs" for violin and piano, "Intermezzo" and "Twelve engravings for Harp" (explanation of drawings GP Fedotov), Rondo for Clarinet and Bassoon, piano pieces, songs, choruses, etc.
Artworks by Yuri Evgrafova sounded in the performance of:
  • Russian State Academic Choir Sveshnikov,
  • Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra and the Bolshoi Academic All-Union Radio Chorus and the Central Television,
  • the Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments, BP and TP,
  • male chorus and the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra,
  • the State Academic Male Choir of the Estonian SSR,
  • the Big Academic Choir "Masters of choral singing" Rossiyskogo state teleradiotsentra,
  • choir students of the Academy of Choral Art behalf V. Popov,
  • choirs of boys and youths of the Moscow Choral School named Sveshnikov,
  • Saratov provincial theater and choir music,
  • chamber of Tambov Choir SV Rachmaninoff,
  • Tula State Choir,
  • Chamber Choir "Spiritual Renewal" MGIMO behalf AG Schnittke,
  • Male Choir of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (University),
  • choir g.Oktyabrsky (Bashkortostan),
  • women's choir "Naama" (Israel),
  • vocal studio "Nightingale" of the Moscow City Palace of Children's and Young People, etc.
Their performance led Vl.Sokolov, B. Tevlin, V. Fedoseev, M. Shostakovich, I. Lapins, K. Bird, V. Popov, A. Oja, L. Litsovа, L. Kontorovich, V. Kozlyakov, I. Zhuravlenko, L. Pavlov, N. Malyavinа, P. Inbar, R. Zhdanovа. The execution was attended by V. Dulov, A. Korneev, L. Brushteyn, T. Tower, V. Cherenkov, N. Mikhailovа I. Pashinskaya, Yu. Alisova, T. Vymyatnina, L. Deeva, A. Semin, I. Efanova, Y. Nuskolter, L. Lopatin, E. Yevstafyev, E. Petrov, Yu.Kaloshin, N. Ivakina, E. Polikanin, T. Monogarova, V. Mikitsky, A. Smirnov, N. Levinа, O. Didenko, A.Tatarintsev, E. Chizhikova, V. Vorobiev, I.Safonov, A. Nemzer, V. Gafarov and other.       
Artworks were included in the educational-pedagogical repertoire, often performed in programs of public examinations of the Moscow State Conservatory, the Tchaikovsky, the Academy of Choral Art behalf VS Popov, Russia Academy of  music, Saratov State Conservatory Sobinov, Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow State University of Culture and Art and other institutions of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions Russia.
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