Concert Tours

As the singer of the choir boys of the Moscow State Choir School has participated in more than 150 concerts.

Conducted concert work as a conductor of children's choirs of the Pioneer of the Leningrad region of Moscow, children's choral studio "Dawn".

In 1971-74 - the concertmaster, conductor of the orchestra, conductor, choirmaster Song and Dance Ensemble Central Group of Forces (about 400 concerts). In 1974-76 - choirmaster Ensemble behalf VS Loktev. Led Evgrafova training groups of higher educational institutions of Moscow gave dozens of concert performances, including in the halls of the Moscow Conservatory, SCMR Tchaikovsky Concert Hall "Russia", etc. In 1991-92 - the artistic director and chief conductor of the Chamber vocal choir Broadcaster of the USSR. In 1994-95 - the artistic director and chief conductor of the Tula State Choir (about 100 concerts).

As a conductor, repeatedly took part in the author's own concerts, held in Moscow, Tambov, Tula and other cities of Russia. All made in about 900 concerts. In the repertoire of his team of about 500 works of different eras and styles.